Different ways to enlarge your penis

Topics on Penis enlargement are very interesting. Some say Penis enlargers work, others say they don’t. Some people affirm by supplements and comparable penis enlargement pills, while others say the supplements are ineffective. A few say that penis extenders help make their penis bigger, and others say exercises are the most effective. Well, let us now find out what really an effective penis enlarger is and what can be regarded as ineffective, perhaps dangerous.

Penis Enhancement Supplements.

There are lots of supplement products in the market and each promises effectiveness without side effects. Well, not all of them work but there are some products which can be helpful. This does not indicate that they will dramatically enlarge your size. There is no supplement in the market that can enlarge you. The single thing the good supplements do accomplish is that your penis will appear bigger. Increased flow of blood is the cause, since your erections become fuller and harder. This can be helpful especially when combined with some other methods. The results are temporary, since once you stop using the supplement, the enlargement wear off. They are good if you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Penis Pumps

Pumps are used by most men across the world. The pumps push blood in the shaft, making it enlarge. Most men achieve great results when using them, but similar to supplements, the results are temporary and the use should be maintained. When you’re starting up, the correct method to use penis pumps is to begin “aggressively”, and afterwards reduce on the usage for their gains maintenance. Nevertheless, you must ensure you are following instructions in the package you are given. I found a good penis pump in a store that sells adult toys in seattle.

Penis Extenders

These are the safer option compared to penis pumps, although pumps mechanics are totally different. They are devices which you wear for some period of time to elongate your penis, and they are generally accompanied by some exercises to fasten the process. They are ideal for penile curving, when the penis points to the right or left, upwards or downwards. Many men say their results aren’t temporary, but some would say that only surgery would give permanent results.

Exercises for Penis Enlargement

Exercises for penis enlargementare usually considered as the safest means available. Some people combine penis enlargement supplements with exercises to increase the flow of the blood to the shaft. Several men are getting noteworthy gains from these exercises, although for you to enlarge your size greatly you have to dedicate yourself to using them. Almost similar to bodybuilding, to see noticeable results you must focus and dedicate.

Therefore, to effectively enlarge your penis, without undergoing the knife, you should choose which of these options best suits your wishes as men have varying needs. Some have erection conditions, while others just want to try out to verify if they work or not and some other men focus and dedicate themselves to increase their penis size. These men never stop until they achieve what they want. These types of men have the highest injury rate as well, so you should be very careful if you have to use extreme ways like pumping.

PeniMaster Pro vs ProExtender

Most of the supplements we know are able to increase your sex drive and overall performance; however, none of them have an impact on the physical size of your penis. This leaves you with the option of having look for ways to increase your penis. In this article, I will write PeniMaster pro review, a German-made penis extender.

What is peniMaster pro?

This is a device that has been in the market for quite some time now and one of the best known to increase the length of the penis naturally. There are a lot of claims that its users have also experienced a greater increase in girth.

What is different about PeniMaster pro?

First, peniMaster pro is from Germany, which is superior in engineering. What is more, it is the only device that adheres to the penis. Unlike most devices which use a strap or noose fixation method which holds devices longer to the penis, this one uses a vacuum fixation which is much more comfortable for anyone. Currently, it is the only product using the fixation method.

How does the PeniMaster pro work?

This device uses a mechanism the same as all the extender devices. It provides a pulling tension to the penis which forces the penis with time to produce more cells to cover for the new size. For you to use the device, you squeeze the ball pump and attach it to the glans chamber. Air is sucked in this method to create a little vacuum. On the other hand, you can still use the hose by attaching it to the glans chamber. Air will be sucked also to create a vacuum and then the tip of the penis is placed into the glans chamber to fit.

Where to buy it

PeniMaster pro can be purchased online from the company’s website. It is also worth noting that the prices are given in Euros but there is a conversion chart to help you with this.


What makes the peniMaster pro a notable device is that it has a glans chamber which is much better than those in other devices. Here are some of the other advantages of it:

  • -It’s more comfortable than the other extender devices.
  • -Results to a permanent growth and girth size.
  • -There are several kit options.
  • -Proven technique.
  • -It can be a remedy for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • -It is completely safe and natural.
  • – It is easy to use and clean.
  • -Enhances your sexual experience.
  • -It can be a remedy for sensitivity and virility.
  • -It works on all penis sizes in just a matter of weeks.


  • -It’s quite expensive.
  • -The company’s website is a little tricky in terms of navigation.

Final Verdict

Overall, the PenisMaster pro is one of the best devices in terms of natural penis enlargement. What makes it different from the others and a favorite among many is the features and comfort that it offers. It comes with a remarkable glans chamber, unlike the other devices which still use the traditional noose which causes negative side effects. If you are looking for a reliable and safe device, you can invest in this safe and convenient device.

ProExtender review

Proextender, based on the remarkable contraption method is a full fledged medical device used for enlargement of Penis. Claiming to increase length and girth in a natural way, Proextender is the most successful product in the market currently.The package comes with a Proextender traction device,penis enlargement pills namely vigRX & semenax and an enlargement exercise program(CD).


Consistent stretching of the tissues helps in expansion of cell division; due to stretching on a regular basis, cells collapse & multiply while trying to heal, which results in growth.This method of growth is known as Traction and is achieved by the Traction Device provided in the package.Growth of tissue and cell multiplication helps in increasing the length and girth of the penis.The Traction device consists of two rings which are attached to the base & head of penis and two calibrated metal rods are present at the sides.The device is looped around the penis.
The pills included enhance the sexual function along with semen production.The CD included in the package features different typs of helpful exercises to keep it healthy and large.

Pros Of Proextender:

  1. 1.Other than increasing size and overall health of penis, it improves ejaculation and repairs crooked penis.
    2.The results are permanent unlike other products in the market, hence the results are retained afterwards.
    3.As the working procedure is 100% natural, there are no side effects.
    4.The traction process is completely painless.

The product doesn’t have any significant cons, other than that it has to be brought online only.The products can be purchased from its official website and can be discreetly shipped. For best results, Proextender should be worn for 4-5hours in the morning stage and then gradually increasing upto 12 hours a day!With little patience and persistence, Proextender works as advertised when manufacture’s directions are strictly followed.Proextender certainly enhances the amount of sexual pleasure with the desired penis size.

The Perfect Penis – How What She Says is Different from What He Says

When you mention the “perfect penis”, what thought comes up first? That’s right, the size of a penis came to mind. Despite comments from what men and women say aloud, it is different when behind closed doors or asked privately. Size DOES seem to make a difference and matter. Many men find this a bit depressing if they are aware of what the standard is or some men know size matters but are unknowing of the fact that women know what that “perfect penis” size is.

Although penises of any size can still perform their main function of reproducing and are able to do it effectively, even the average size in a penis may not be enough according to women. The average size of a man’s penis is set at approximately six inches according to studies conducted on the subject. While the average size should be perfection, it still is not. Women find that above six inches is necessary for the best sexual performance and reactions. Women of all age groups made the remark that penises six inches or under were not enough for adequate pleasure purposes. This leaves out the majority of males as being able to provide the best sexual pleasure to their partners. Below average sizes are not enough and the average sized men are not either, so this leaves only the above-average men the ability to give women what they want and need.

Large-scale surveys and much research has been done on what the perfect or most popular size of a penis meets the standards of many types and ages of women. As a result of this research and surveys that were conducted, the “perfect penis” to a woman turn out to be eight inches in length and six inches in girth. To measure accurately to see how you compare, follow these easy steps: The length is measured by holding the erect penis parallel to the floor, placing a ruler at the base of the penis gently resting on the pubic bone and measure to the tip of the penis, making sure the penis is fully erect at its best potential in a warm room. Yes, it makes a difference. Also, while the penis is at an optimal erection, measure the girth of the penis. Take three separate measurements and take the average of the three to be the final result. Measure around the base of the penile shaft, just under the head of the penis and another in the mid section of the penis. Are you above the norm? Does it really matter to you or your partner?

Unfortunately many men have feelings of despair when they think about their lack in size and inability to give pleasure to their partner and think they can not do anything about it. But this is not true. If it is truly bothersome to a man, something can be done. ProSolution is a quality penis enlargement system that can add length and width to a man’s penis. It is a safe and proven program that is a easy way to regain your happiness revolving sexuality.

Penis Enlargement Methods, Most Used Exercise For Gaining Inches From Home

Penis enlargement exercises have become increasingly popular among men looking to get bigger for a couple of reasons. The main, and most imperative, is that they work; numerous men have encountered development from predictable penis working out. The second reason is that they put the man in direct control of his increases. No one needs to shell out many dollars while they wish and trust that some supernatural occurrence pill is going to make them greater, they need a strategy that places them in direct control of their additions and that they can see working progressively.

Penis Enlargement methods by means of effortless training are the most effective technique to penile enhancement. If you are after without charge methods for improve ones own part examine when it achieves this report to get ordinarily the development exercise schedules when contrasted with lead to another striking headway in the masculinity width in addition to measure of time.

First of all, it is essential before any PE workout that you do a warm up. This may sound senseless, yet it isn’t the same sort of warm up you would accomplish for games, yet it will help your penis turn out to be more receptive to expansion and guarantee you are being safe. To warm up just absorb a towel warm water and afterward wrap it around your penis. You’ll need to get yourself to around 70% of an erection before starting the workout.

Penis Enlargement Pump to Overcome Impotence

Testosterone is a hormone in the body that works wonders when it comes to man’s sexuality. Its presence in the man’s blood allows man to have that kick of a sex drive that will surely not disappoint a woman he goes to in bed. But just like any machine that normally wear and tears as age takes its toll on the every now and them usage of it, testosterone level tends to drop too, its production diminished.

During adulthood, men would have their testosterone at its peak but as they come to their 30s and as year by year add to their age, testosterone will also slowly go to the path of retiring. With that, muscle and bone strength will be affected; same with the health of the red blood cells and what man will notice immediately is the impact of age and lowered testosterone level in their sex drive and even in maintaining the erection of their pole during intercourse. This can be made more serious because of the conditions that may arise like diseases of the heart and even diabetes.

Since not all man would be able to understand the situation and they cannot accept at that instant that impotence is taking place and their once very active sex life will soon be zero, they would do all they can, spend all their resources, and put on the line their ego just to bring back the good old days when they are tireless in pumping and being happy. Well this time, they can still experience what they can, pump and all. Only this time, something has to pump them first before they can pump on others. That is with the use of a penis pump that intends to improve their current condition.

Be pumped before you can pump

The World Wide Web will offer you so much when you go try looking for a penis enlargement technic or device but nothing will beat a penis enlargement pump that will spring right at your very screen like a virus porn site. Yet your initial question will be, will the product really address your impotence and give additional length or girth to your pole? Let us boldly answer these questions.

(1)    Will penis enlargement pump address your impotence? It will help. Yes, it can somewhat address your impotence. Use the penis pump with the supervision of your urologist and this will really help you so that you can bring back your energy in bed. Penis pumps uses a tube made of plastic, a vacuum pump and a ring. Imagine how you can use it? Well, the plastic tube must be placed on the penis and the vacuum which is attached to it does the whole operation. Know how a vacuum works? Then you know what the vacuum will do to your penis. It will pump and direct the flow of blood right at your penis and it will help in hardening your manhood. Then the ring, which is a constriction ring, is placed on the base of the penis so that it can hold the blood there and you may start pumping. And it the process seems hard for you, your urologist will be more than willing to help you on it.

Will it add length? No. It’s not advised to be used long-term though or else you’ll be worst.


Male Extra review 2020

Male Extra is a clinically approved male enhancement product. Male Extra is one of the most commonly used enhancer that has been found to be effective in a wide range of users. The following are the most common advantages of using Male Extra pills.

No side effects

A wide range of male enhancer products come with moderate to severe side effects. However, this is not the case with Male Extra which is purely made from 100% herbs. A wide range of people appreciate the fact that Male Extra comes with no side effects as compared to other male enhancer pills or injections.

Increased Self esteem

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the major depressing issues when it comes to men sexuality. Men with ED seem to have a low self esteem as compared to sexually active men. Male Extra brings back the self esteem by maintaining a hard and bigger erection which in turns means increased pleasure to both the man and woman.

Better Health

Male Extra is made from 100% natural and pure herbal ingredients such as L-Arginine, Pomergranate and Muira Pauma. Apart from increasing sexual stamina, the herbs maintain a complete and correct bio-rhythm hence maintaining a better health.

Tangible Results

A pill a day produces hard erections and enlarges the penis within a short time. The erections are long lasting to the advantage of the couples. The penis also enlarges by 3 inches in both length and girth.

Better Ejaculation Control

Regular consumption of the pills will help you control your ejaculations hence reducing the rate of premature ejaculations.

Penis Health Exercise Programs

Male Extra comes with Penis Health Exercise Programs which are well documented in DVDs and online documents. These programs will help you perform the correct exercises for the best results.

Increased and Improved Stamina

Regardless of the day, time or any situation you are facing in your life, these pills will always keep you in the mood to have sex when you want to.

Male Enhancement Penis Enlargement Pills

Most men and women sometimes don’t feel happy with their bodies. A lot of us face societal comments on being overweight or being of a different colour. We often get obsessed with certain parts of our bodies that we find needs “improvement” or should be changed. We use face whitening creams; we take pills to get taller some people also go to the extent of getting such changes done surgically. These kinds of surgeries are usually very expensive and more than half the time can be very dangerous for the overall health.

We’ll talk about a popular topic that is frowned upon even today but is widely discussed in private or anonymously on the internet. That topic is about penis enlargement. People, who often search for this, often have questions like; does this exist? Is surgery the only solution? Will it affect my life later on? Can this be done through pills? How expensive is the surgery for this.

Mostly men decide to go for such a drastic step due to pressure or because a bunch of people from the society have a certain point of view on what and how a man can satisfy his woman. This is also due to ignorance and sometimes can lead to depression. Sometimes media also plays an important part n contributing to this thought and we won’t blame people who are getting affected by that.

Nevertheless let’s look at best possible ways to how men can get their penises enlarged through pills. As per research and study it is found that male enhancement penis enlargement pills are available in the market and work very well for gentlemen seeking help. We will still recommend everyone looking to go for this to take an appointment for discussion with a specialist or a physician because even though pills have worked on most men some men get disappointed as they get zero results. It often leads to some side effects and stress. Most human bodies do not respond to such pills as well because their hormone system is very strong and does not get affected by external elements present in pills.

But we won’t suggest you jump the gun and decide to get this done surgically. According to a study done in Italy there are non-surgical methods available for enlargement of penises. It is good news isn’t it?

This is a highly talked about subject on forums and online. There are about close to 5 million searches on Google. You will also find some topics that say that penis enlargement pills don’t work and is a scam. On the other hand you will also find positive review of men who have tried this and have received required results.

Have you ever thought that how are experts performing successful sex change operations in the current era? If such impossible surgeries are happening then why can’t a pill help in enlargement of penises? There have been cases where pills have worked positively. Since a pill does not involve anything drastic happening to the body and is not very heavy on the pocket one can definitely try this out.

Male Edge review 2020

There are many reasons why you should try male edge extender. In case you have a penis that has a lot of curvatures and it is a bit small, you will find the extender very helpful. The extender can be worn in clothes which make it easy for you to wear it in any place where you may like to be. This ensures you are able to exercise your penis muscles and achieve the penis enlargement that you will like to achieve. It is a male extender which you can use to make your partner happy in case she was complaining of the small size of your penis. Some of the benefits of making use of the male extender include the following:

The extender is easy to use

You will not require the attention of a doctor for you to start making use of the extender. The extender can be worn on different sizes of penis where it will lead to the elongation of the penis. In case you are circumcised or not, the male edge extender can be easily used. There are many people who have ever tried the extender and their reviews where great. In case you have not yet made your decision on an extender for you to use. Then you should try the penis extender.

You will not face any side effects after you decide to make use of the extender

Unlike other methods that you can use to extend your penis, which can prove to be too expensive and expose you to a lot of side effect, after you decide to make use of the extender, you will be assured of achieving great results without the risk of side effects. The extender works in a natural way where it exposes your penis muscles to exercises which finally lead to the elongation of the penis.

Jes Extender review 2020

The Jes extender is a penis traction enlargement device. In general it has been proved that this technique works and as a result you have a natural growth to your penis. The way this technique works is by exposing any part of your body to a continues stretch, as this results in cell division in the specific body part the device is been used. This process is called cytokinesis.

Jes Extender applies a normal and steady stretch to the penis. This causes tissue cells to divide and as a result new tissue is created. Cell growth ensures you a thicker and longer penis and the results can show as early as weeks or months depending on how often someone uses the product. Furthermore it is easy to say that you can enlarge and extend your penis but you need a degree dedication and spend time. As a result from customers using the product some of them have even reported a 2-3 inch growth through the continued usage of the Jes Extender.

Moreover recent studies show that for the majority of men penis size is a subject of great concern. The Jes Extender helps men to increase their penis size in a natural, safe and proven way. Anyone can use it as the penis size does not matter or even if the penis is circumcised. Daily life is not affected by using the Jes extender. It is possible to continue your sex life while using this program. It has a comfortable, lightweight design and as a result the Jes Extender may even be worn during sleep and during the day with a set of loose pants.

Furthermore the Jes Extender comes with a DVD that explains the correct way to use it step by step. This is an all natural penis growth as stated above by cell division.The product even has a money back guarantee and with over 500000 happy customers all over the world you can expect great results.

Put up-cash and cure size genetics of malfunctioning

A thing that you must take care of on, if you do any kind penis enlargement  exercise are, to warm up correctly but, if expanding took place correctly and surely you can yours, self injury to cause avoid. While you work also the straight Ligament and not the fabric of the Penis, you can do less industrious exercises, which in the bathroom are taken place and hardly each introductory preparation to need to be able. You must start slowly and carefully and if you begin to believe any attack the pain simply and the wounds point rub. Do not continue, until those disappeared pain completely.

If you are one of those people, those hardly time to sleep correctly let alone to eat or exercise has, must you a solution to your penis enlargement  exercise program find, so that you can form those most of the little time, which you have and receive maximum results and cure your put unable malfunction. Such a possibility is to be accomplished those approximately everywhere taken place expanding the exercises can straight. You can associate with specialists of SizeGenetics.com also and her be able to do you with to best size the genetics program for you with exercises and traction power legacies to support, so that you can be happy with the size of your Penis.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), are the studies, which accomplished it concerning the condom production that the black population has the somewhat longer and stronger Penis on average than other running? The Caucasian man has a medium sized Penis, and Asian men have the something shorter and narrower. For this reason condom sizes of 5.3 cm for African countries, of 5.2 cm for Europe and from 4.9 cm in Asia, which are not small differences, which are hardly perceptible, have WHO, as the condition of the rumor specified. Although much speaks for it of differences between running, you can also find the fact that many changes within your own running and it only it goes saying that, all the same where you go, or whom you meet, always someone with a larger or smaller Penis gives it, than you and you one of these statistics to somebody else all the same which your running are.

The goal of expanding is to be extended to the Jelling differently, since you do not need to spend Kraft in order the Corpora Cavernous, the blood into the Penis releases. Instead these exercises for put unable malfunction expand the Ligament of the Penis, which help, to improve the flabby length of the muscle. You are obvious able to see better results faster if you the expanding exercises as part full exercise of a program as well as preliminary heating and down do to cool exercises down, but if you do not have the time, you this to still do can, in order to see at least some results.

If your partner with the way is happy, which you were educated, and then why worry themselves? If you believe that a larger Penis your relationship would then load to help or your self-respect, you can find much to the natural and safe exercise methods and the effective legacies, which help. You find also the fact that determined an expanding techniques and some pills help but to remember can that, if you begin a penis enlargement  program you do not have to do and give it up throughout. Examine simply whether you do penis enlargement for the right reasons; for and not because you heard that somebody else was larger Penis.